Thursday, October 29, 2009

Overnight Seafood Delivery -- The Hostess' Secret Weapon!

Ever wanted to hold a party and impress your guests with all sorts of fabulous, fresh seafood? You may think that's impossible unless you live near the coast, but thanks to today's lightning fast shipping methods, overnight seafood delivery is the hostess' secret weapon. Imagine the menu you could serve, even in a landlocked state, built around the best in fresh seafood. Perhaps fresh halibut verde, Dungeness crab bisque or pan-seared abalone ravioli sound like something you've dreamed of serving.

Because hosts can now buy seafood online, dinner parties far from the sea are blessed with the same succulent, just-caught taste as their coastal counterparts. No more buying ho-hum seafood that's been lingering around the grocery store! Fish received in an overnight seafood delivery will astonish your guests and make your dinner parties very popular.

Today's smart host or hostess has made friends with a premium seafood shop online. They know there's no comparison between the richness of fresh fish flavor and the bland substitute lying frozen in the freezer case. They've learned it's worth the shipping cost for overnight seafood delivery, because their families and friends keep asking why their seafood tastes so much fresher. Whether they're cooking salmon outdoors on the grill or dishing up shrimp coconut, they know the seafood they're serving will keep their guests coming back for more.

When you're ready to join the ranks of those who've learned the secret of overnight seafood delivery, simply turn to the Internet. Your first step is to buy seafood online from a premium shop that stocks the best in fresh fish. The next step is asking for overnight seafood delivery, so that the fish you serve was caught only hours earlier.

Once you receive your first shipment of fresh seafood, you'll wonder why you waited so long. From sea bass to monk fish, these fresh, new flavors will have you digging through your cookbooks for inventive new delights to serve your guests.

Why wait? Plan your party and then buy seafood online that fits the menu you've always dreamed of serving. It's time you learned why overnight seafood delivery is the happy hostess' secret weapon!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Joys of a Full-Service Online Seafood Shop

When you start adding seafood to your diet, it's great to find an online seafood shop that caters to your tastes. But finding a seafood vendor that carries your favoritelobster, ahi or King Crab is only part of the story. There are unique joys in store once you find a full-service online seafood shop.

A full-service fish market is one that considers how the customer will use the seafood once it reaches her home. Does she know how to prepare it? Does she have recipes for fish, or will that succulent halibut wind up tough and overcooked? A great online seafood shop takes steps to offer the products, services and information the seafood lover needs to have a great culinary experience, every time. They'll feature recipes for everything from Dungeness Crab Bisque to Salmon with Strawberry Salsa.

And they understand that not every local store stocks the ingredients to make your salmon sing! That's why they offer a full line of sauces and spices to compliment your fish. The truly great full-service online seafood shops even make their own delicacies to delight their customers. Specialties like homemade tartar sauce and lobster ravioli line their online shelves.

To ensure your seafood experience is superior, they'll suggest utensils such as cedar grilling planks for preparing the perfect salmon. Whether razor-sharp oyster knives or lobster crackers, they know what it takes to prepare and eat seafood easily.

Here's one more way the best of full-service seafood shops cater to their customers: they feature the perfect wines to compliment the succulent seafood they provide. Local wines from your online fish market's region make a wonderful addition to your table.

Now doesn't that sound like a fabulous way to buy seafood? Why settle for frozen planks of fish bought from a sterile supermarket setting, when you can form a life-long relationship with a top-of-the-line full-service online seafood vendor? Look for a seafood market that supplies more than a selection of sushi grade tuna. Insist on the best and you'll soon be savoring the seafood experience.