Monday, September 28, 2009

Top Five Picks for Fresh Fish Lovers

Do you love fresh fish? Are you ready to branch out to new varieties? Maybe you've savored salmon for years, but have never tried halibut or ahi. Here's a guide to five of the top fish chosen by people who visit our online seafood shop. Browse our list and then start planning to add new fish to your menu this week.

Salmon: If you've never tasted King Salmon from British Columbia, prepare to have your taste buds overwhelmed! Many salmon lovers don't realize that the farmed Atlantic Salmon they can buy inexpensively pales by comparison to the King. This Omega-3 rich variety can be prepared so many different ways that you'll be serving salmon often!

Halibut: This fish hails from northern waters, and it's become extremely popular in homes and restaurants around the globe. The firm texture makes it easy to adapt to a wide variety of recipes. Because of its mild taste, halibut is a great pick for diners introducing fish into their diets.

Tuna Varieties: Ahi (yellowfin) and Albacore Tuna are favorite choices among those who've learned tuna doesn't always come in a can! Ahi, a sushi grade tuna, is most often used for sashimi, but it also makes a great grilling fish. Albacore Tuna is premium grade "white meat" tuna and can be used for grilling, baking or in sushi.

Pacific Red Snapper: This warm-water fish is well-known on restaurant menus, especially along the Gulf Coast. Cajun recipes often call for snapper, and you can also braise it, fry it or stuff it with shrimp before baking it. No matter which way you prepare snapper, you're going to love its distinctive flavor.

Sole: This scrumptious, flaky fish has been popular among U.S. diners for decades. There are several varieties of sole being sold, two of the most-loved being Petrale and Sand Dabs. You can easily find Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese or French recipes featuring sole. No matter which cuisine you prefer, discovering the subtle flavor of sole will make you a fish lover for life!

Today's online seafood shops and speedy shipping make discovering new fish varieties a snap. Start a whole new trend in healthy, flavorful eating for the people you love. Introduce your friends and family to a different type of fish each week. You can even exchange favorite fish recipes to keep the flavor trend rolling. Once you do, you're going to find there's a world of delicious dining experiences waiting.

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