Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why You Should Insist on King Salmon

Unless you're a seafood chef, or have worked for a seafood vendor, buying the best salmon for your table can be confusing. Because so many of you now buy seafood online, we wanted to let you know why you should insist on King Salmon every time you order.

We've noticed that some online
seafood delivery services confuse their customers by pretending there's no difference between lesser species and the royalty of all salmon, the King. That's too bad, because until you've tasted the difference buying King Salmon makes, you're missing a stellar seafood experience.

Here are some facts about how types of salmon differ:

* King Salmon is the largest of all salmon species, with wild caught fish commonly weighing up to 45 pounds.

* Although they're all sold as "salmon," there are actually five different species of this fish sold in the U.S. They are: King Salmon (also called Chinook), Chum, Pink Salmon, Coho and Sockeye.

* King Salmon has the highest concentration of Omega 3 fatty acids, known to be important to heart health.

* You'll find other species of salmon are missing the rich, distinctive flavor that comes with King Salmon.

* No other type of salmon naturally offers the beautiful, deep red flesh that makes your seafood dishes so appetizing.

Now that we've settled the argument that King Salmon is superior, let's talk about why you should also insist on "wild caught" rather than "farm raised" King Salmon.

When you hear the words "farm raised," it may bring to mind a lovely, rural setting, but when you're talking about raising fish, it means crowded pens containing fish on a feeding program intended to quickly fatten them before they're sold.

Those feeding practices may include chemicals you wouldn't normally put into your body. Does that sound like the fish you want to see in your next
seafood delivery? Of course not!

Smart seafood lovers look for the freshest, most natural fish possible. Whether you buy direct from your local seafood shop or, like many today, buy seafood online, wild caught King Salmon means you're serving fish that's the best for you.

So, let's review. What's the very best species of salmon to order from your online seafood delivery service? That's correct: you can't go wrong with wild caught King Salmon.

Once you've tasted this regal fish in fillets, steaks or patties, you'll wonder why you ever thought other kinds of salmon were acceptable. Get your recipes ready, and order the king of salmon the next time you start craving fish. It's absolutely a seafood delight fit for royalty.

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