Thursday, December 3, 2009

Matching a Wine with Your Seafood Delivery

Fish and wine are two of the finer things in life … but matching the wrong wine with your fish can spoil the taste of both! If you have an enormous, mouth-watering seafood delivery just waiting to be seared, spiced and served, we have the perfect accompaniment for your perfect meal.
1. Champagne and Sparklers
Anything light and with a little bit of fizz will cut well through the oiliness of deep fried fish. Beer might not work well with tempura or beer-battered seafood deliveries, but champagne, prosecco and cava certainly does. They are also a delight with caviar.
2. Chardonnay and Viognier -- Fuller Whites
Oaky chardonnay actually works quite well with fish meats like crab and raw oysters as well as lobster. A full-bodied wine should be paired up with a full-bodied dish -- plenty of cream and spices as well as a strongly flavored fish from your seafood delivery
3. Verdelho
Shellfish, clams, mussels and scallops are all beautiful when eaten alongside a Verdelho or albarino.
4. Sherry
Dry fino sherry is lovely with shrimp. The sherry is enormously dry and a little salty, and is a perfect match for the equally salty shrimp. It doesn’t really matter whether the shrimp seafood delivery has been sautéed, grilled stir-fried or steamed -- it is the flavour of the meat itself that pairs well with the sherry.
5. Pinot Noir and Grenache
Light red wines like Pinot Noir, sangiovese and Grenache (as well as chianti, the daughter of sangiovese), go well with fish that has a bit of color. Salmon, tuna, mackerel and swordfish are great with light reds (and you get a double antioxidant hit with the meal!).
6. Pinot Grigio, Sav Blanc and Chenin Blanc
These wines are simple, dry, crisp and not too overbearing, and so go well with plain grilled or seared lean white fish. Seafood deliveries of halibut, flounder, snapper and even oysters and raw clams are beautiful with the crisp whites. You can also use them as a contrast, not a complement, to striped bass, lobster or mussels which are oilier.


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