Saturday, January 16, 2010

5 More Delicious and Traditional Sauces for Your Seafood Order

Fish is such an easy dish to make -- the flavors of seafood are appreciated by just about everybody, and fresh, healthy fish is a stunning meal base on its own. Usually, there is little you need to do to prepare a striking seafood meal other than create a quick and easy sauce to go with it, steam some vegetables and pop some rice in the cooker. The sauce part is an easy way to be creative in the kitchen, and often one of the things that people most remember about the meal. Today we look at 5 more of our favorite sauces for your seafood order -- all guaranteed under 15 minutes cooking and prep time. Enjoy!
Nandos has built an entire franchise on this one specific Portuguese flavor -- that's how enamored people are of it! Piri Piri is quite hot and very fragrant, somewhat like South Indian cooking, although a little tangier. Deep friend prawns or shrimp go beautifully with piri piri, which takes some of the greasiness out of the batter. It does seem to burn it out, rather than simply hide it, though! Not for kids.
Fish and mayonnaise-type sauces have been paired together all over the world, with most cultures discovering the delicious flavor combination independently. The Lebanese version gets its striking Mediterranean flavor from the ground pine nuts and the olive oil. You can use this as a dipping sauce for crusty bread to be served alongside your online seafood order, as well.
This French sauce combines traditional ingredients from several different cultures. Swordfish and sturgeon are wonderful with Rouille sauce, which turns out similar to a mayonnaise, much like Lebanese Tarator does. The bread is a unique ingredient.
Vietnam is hot, sticky and humid, so traditional Vietnamese dishes never feel heavy, but are always filled with flavor. Fresh is best when you are shopping for the ingredients for this dish -- look for fresh limes and fresh chillies, rather than bottled juice or dried chilli flakes.
A delicate sauce for delicate flavored seafood order -- flounder, John Dory, crappie and walleye are delicious with parsley sauce. Oily species such as mackerel and salmon tend to drown out the flavor of the sauce. It can take just a little over 15 minutes to prepare -- but since you can keep this in the fridge for a couple of days (and then it take no time at all to prepare), we figure that it evens out!

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