Tuesday, February 9, 2010

5 Coolest February Seafood Order Specials

We are starting to lose a lot of the winter chill in the air … and as the temperature rises, the summery taste of seafood fills our minds! Luckilyonline seafood shops are getting just as excited as we are. We've been looking through our favorite suppliers to find some of the hottest February specials, for the lukewarm weather!
Tsar Nicoulai Estate Osetra caviar, 1 ounce jar -- $70
This Califonria sturgeon roe is full-flavored, with a walnut undertone. Valentine's Day is coming up … if she doesn’t eat chocolate, caviar is an excellent choice. Especially at this price!
Seafood Zuppa Sauce, $7.99 per tub
This sauce tastes just like the name sounds! It is made from a combination of tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, and Italian herbs. If there are only two of your eating, this sauce will usually be enough for more than one or two meals -- great value, and so easy.
Sablefish (Black Cod Fillet), $9.99 per pound
Black cod is also known as butterfish because of its amazing melt-in-your-mouth texture. We are finding lots of online seafood stores giving their customers the opportunity to try the fish at awesome prices this month!
Abalone Steaks "California Red" 1/2 LB (8 Steaks), $50
Drool … these California abalone steaks are crisp, sweet and mouthwatering. Another great Valentine's Day idea -- also good for Lent, coming up soon. This seafood order special comes with two polished abalone shells -- a very neat addition!
Colossal Sized Lobster Claws, $16.99 per pound
The claws are the most delicious, strongly flavored part of the lobster -- and these claws are super-sized! No spending hours cracking through shell for a tiny bit of meat here -- the claws weigh around half a pound each. $16.99 per pound is great price, for a stunning product.

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